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About Delta Southern UAS LLC

Delta Southern UAS LLC was formed in 2014 to explore the feasibility of using unmanned aerial systems and platforms in the agricultural industry. During the early stages, research was done on various UAS platforms, current FAA laws and what was currently being done in the UAS industry as a whole. It was determined that the commercial UAS use was basically non-existent under the FAA regulations during that time. Conclusion was drawn that using commercial UAS systems for the precision agriculture industry needed to be pursued. We became an FAA licensed 333 company. After a careful review, the decision was made to use SenseFly, the most reliable and widely used UAS platform around the world combined with Pix4D, an industry leader in software processing and integration. SenseFly and Pix4D are Parrot owned companies. This successful drone technology best positions our professional Delta Southern UAS team with an efficient tool that will provide the critical and accurate data our agricultural partners will need for the upcoming growing season.

Delta Southern UAS Mission

Delta Southern UAS mission is to contribute to the success of our customers by investing in high technology drone systems that can provide affordable and reliable collection data metrics to enhance their return on investment efficiently.

News and Press

Drone company sets sights on Tunica - Tunica Times Jan 2016.

News and Press

Tunica Times - written Jan 1,2016

Drone Company Sets Sights on Tunica.

Developing the drone, developing the people for the work and developing the Delta.


Developing the Delta

Developing the Delta and reaching out to these regions. The Delta Coalition is just beginning to make a difference.