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SenseFly Drones used by Delta Southern UAS

SenseFly eBee SQ

The precision agriculture drone

The eBee SQ is the only precision farming UAV needed. With its full drone-to-tractor workflow, scout crops, analyse plant health, create prescriptions and begin treatment all on the same day.

3 reasons to choose Ebee SQ

More Precise

The eBee SQs precise, calibrated multispectral imagery provides reliable insights into the real health of your crops.

Larger Coverage

The eBee SQ can cover hundreds of acres in a single flight for extremely efficient crop monitoring and analysis.

Workflow Compatible

The eBee SQ is compatible with your existing FMIS, ag machinery and workflow. There is no need to reinvent how you work.

SenseFly eBee Plus

The survey-grade mapping drone

The eBee Plus is SenseFly’s survey-grade mapping drone. This product combines several innovations that senseFly claims render the placement and measurement of ground control points (GCPs) no longer necessary.

3 reasons to choose eBee Plus

Large Coverage for Optimal Efficiency

The eBee Plus can map more square kilometres per flight, than any drone in its weight class, allowing you to maximise your efficiency and plan projects with confidence.

High Precision on Demand (HPoD)

The eBee Plus includes built-in RTK/PPK functionality that can be activated either out of the box or later when required. Its survey-grade accuracy you control, without the need for ground control points for less time in the field and more time putting your data to work.

Project-Prefect Payloads

The eBee Plus offers a camera to suit every application, including the senseFly S.O.D.A. (supplied), the first camera designed for photogrammetric drone mapping.

SenseFly albris

The intelligent mapping and inspection drone

Meet albris, the sensor-rich drone for professionals, offering TripleView imaging and advanced situational awareness.

3 reasons to choose albris

1 flight, 3 types of imagery

With the albris you can switch between capturing video, still and thermal imagery during the same flight, without landing to change cameras. The field of view remains unobstructed throughout the 180 degree vertical range of motion allowing you to capture clear and stabilised imagery ahead, above and below the drone.

Advanced situational awareness

The albris features five dual-sensor modules, positioned around the drone. These provide the situational awareness required to operate albris close to structures and surfaces, to achieve sub-millimetre image resolutions (without the movement issues sometimes caused by zooming from afar, and even in confined environments).

Choose your flight mode

The albris offers full flight mode flexibility. Choose the mode that best fits your project: an Autonomous, GPS-guided mapping mission or a live-streaming Interactive ScreenFly flight. Or start in mapping mode and go live on demand.

The albris is a sensor-rich platform with the widest camera breadth of any civilian drone. Its fully stabilised TripleView camera head allows switching between HD and thermal video imagery, live during flight, plus we can capture high-resolution still images on demand. All of this data can be saved for further analysis post-flight, and all without landing to change payloads.

The TripleView head features a 180-degree vertical range of motion, 6x digital zoom, active gimbal stabilisation and, thanks to the albris' shrouding frame design, an unobstructed field of view. The albris is capable of achieving a GSD of down to 1 mm at a surface distance of 6 m (19.7 ft).

Using professional image processing software to transform the drones images into geo-referenced orthomosaics, 3D building models, 3D point clouds, triangle models, digital surface models and more we address all of your needs. Pix4Dmapper software makes this processing simple. It includes a Rapid Check feature, mosaic and rayCloud editors, a point cloud fly-through producer and much more.

Key Uses

Examine and document surfaces and objects - such as bridges, towers, rooftops and cliff faces - in high-resolution

After albris lands, simply use eMotion X's built-in Flight Data Manager to pre-process, geotag and organise its images, before starting image processing.

*(information taken from SenseFly website)

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